Builders Ecollective Second Round of Funding

The Builders Ecollective is a sub-DAO created to address the issue of sound infrastructure proposals being bottlenecked and halted at the proposal stage due to the existing Eco governance framework. This proposal maintains support for the suggested solution, which calls for routinely transferring funds to the Builders Ecollective from the Eco Community Treasury.


In order to ensure that the community treasury is utilized to fund projects over time, to actively engage and encourage talented community members, the Builders Ecollective funded projects that produce value for the community. To date, our grants have gone to:

Consensus Bot - Discord bot aiming to facilitate the proposal and approval process for grants and changes within Layer 3 in the Eco Community. The bot operates using a “lazy consensus” mechanism, where proposals are approved after a set of parameters the members of the community interact with the application. This allows for efficient decentralized decision-making and helps to cut down on the number of unnecessary discussions and arguments.

Eco ID Playground - Open source dApp providing better accessibility to the Eco ID protocol to fulfilling its growth and vision of offering a fully decentralized and permissionless identity and reputation system that is simple, but maximally flexible.

Tender Wallet - Fast and fee-free Eco wallet, a custodial application that allows community members to send their ECO and ECOx on their existing social accounts on Discord.


We intend to continue allocating funds on behalf of the community to initiatives and people who are developing worthwhile services and goods on top of Eco. The established sub-DAO maintains all of its activity on and continues to act responsibly to the mission and responsibilities delineated in the original proposal.

The group will keep helping builders and scrutinizing projects with the maximum thoroughness. Since the beginning, our vision and mission have not altered, and our main goal is to promote economic growth by supporting these five fundamental values:

  • Evangelize - Spreading awareness to bring new participants and contributors to the Ecosystem.
  • Create - Building and maintaining projects to support the Economy.
  • Onboard - Ramping new contributors up on the aforementioned values, as well as introducing them to Eco and getting them started.
  • Govern - Coordinating, proposing, and voting on improvements to the protocol.
  • Monetize - Turning ECO into money through goods, service providers, and consumers who need to transact and find monetary use cases.


The Builders Ecollective asks for a second round of funding worth 1,000,000 ECO tokens to be allocated to our multisig Safe. Please review the original proposal for more details about the setup.

The Builders are currently having discussions with community members and are considering some potential applications for additional grants, including a POS terminal that accepts payments in ECO token, Sandbox metaverse experiences, an on-chain escrow application that leverages Eco currency, Supervisor retroactive rewards, Ecollective participation and expenses, and others.

About Builders Ecollective

This collective aims to speed up the uptake and expansion of the Eco network, to support a robust ecosystem of scalable apps, and tools, among other products. Proactively interact with inspiring and talented community members by seizing the momentum of a growing community with enthusiastic and motivated builders.

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Moved this to the Current Governance Cycle Proposals category to maintain the flow.

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Full support for this proposal, funding Builders Ecollective should be our top priority. A lot of great products will be released by the developers soon, I am really excited to see even more progress in the near future.

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Full support for this proposal. If you have great idea for protocol or community, you can start it from here. Start now and make it happen.

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I fully support this.

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I support your proposal.
The Builders Ecollective should receive a decent remuneration for the work done.

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Based on clear support for this proposal from the community, the Association has submitted support with its full voting power (based on its holdings and delegations to it). We expect this will satisfy the support threshold and kick off the 3-day voting period.

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