Community Grant #1: Website development grant for the Russian-speaking community and calendar


This proposal is for a grant of 600,000 ECO tokens for the development of a website for the Russian-speaking community and a calendar Events - Eco Academy


To date, the ECO has created unique sites and resources:
Discord server

But it is difficult for new participants to understand so much information, resources and it makes onboarding and “getting into” the ECO project very difficult.
I think the inclusiveness provided by having several languages is in line with the ECO development plans. That’s why was created more than a year ago for the main Russian-speaking community. The site has been actively maintained/updated by k310pdi for 15 months. The site translated and collected all the basic information on ECO project, active tasks, roles, channels in discord, described how to earn tokens and etc. A calendar was also created at Events - Eco Academy to keep track of all major events and active tasks. The calendar was maintained/updated by Lewis_08.
According to leaderboard: more than 75% of ECO token holders are Russian-speaking (, i.e. it can be concluded that more than 70-75% of all ECO participants today are Russian-speaking.
Taking into consideration that ECO is in the early stage of formation, new participants will join ECO and it is necessary to help them to pass onboarding as fast as possible, to get basic knowledge and start helping the project, But many participants do not yet have a high enough level of English yet or at first it is difficult for them to understand the ECO server. That’s why the site and the calendar Events - Eco Academy will be the best single source for Russian-speaking participants to get this information: the site will additionally create tutorials, tests, quizzes, etc. We want to work in the ECO system and to be an important center for development of other ECO ideas/directions.
The website is actively used by many new members, as we can see by the statistics - every month the site is visited by at least 1500-2000 people. Maximum number of visits per month was more than 39К people.

Schedule of visits to the site.
Currently, the ECO does not have a reward system (the previously used point award system has been terminated). We propose a grant for the development of the website and the calendar Events - Eco Academy

This Proposal proposes a grant of 600,000 ECO tokens to maintain and develop the website and the Events - Eco Academy calendar over the next 3 months.
Once the grant has been used, we can reapply for the grant from the community: the community may grant the funding request or if the community decides that the website and calendar are not doing their job - may deny the grant request.


Grants from the ECO are the best option for funding activities that focus on the development of the ECO. We have completed the first phase of the early community, which lasted almost 1 year and 7 months. Now there’s a new stage where the main task is the development of the ECO and the community is one of the main tools for that.
But new participants need to be as informative as possible and help them through onboarding, so that their goals and expectations coincide with the plans of ECO.
The site will help them in this, where all the most useful information will be collected, translated recordings of streams and meetings with the team in Russian, etc., and the calendar Events - Eco Academy.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the website and Events - Eco Academy calendar.
  • Ongoing updating and contributing information to and the calendar Events - Eco Academy.
  • Development of the website
  • Translation of weekly AMAs and working group calls and publication of the translation on the website
  • Development and implementation of onboarding tools for new members (tests, quizzes)
  • Publication of all important announcements from crypto space on the site.
  • Translation into Russian and publication of Proposal on the site, so that participants could read them in detail.

Algorithm of Grant Calculation

In this section the algorithm for calculating the grant is described.
For the basis was taken the average market calculation of hourly pay in the amount of 28 $/hour, also it should be taken into account that the writing of author’s materials have additional value.

In order to form such a price we analyzed such projects:
SushiSwap Hiring Guidelines V4 - Proposals - SushiSwap

Calculation of weekly downloads:

  • Contributing Information to the Site and Developing the Site
    Estimated hours per week each: 12.
    There are a lot of activities and news that need to be published on the site each week, and new functionality will be added to the site
  • Putting up-to-date information into the calendar Events - Eco Academy.
    Estimated hours per week each: 3
  • Developing new copyright materials: tests, quizzes, tutorials
    Estimated hours per week each: 13
    Every month a new author’s material will be released - it can be a quiz, a test, an article.
  • Translation of AMA and working group meetings
    Estimated hours per week each: 10
    There are three calls each week:
  • Open Office Hours - every Tuesday at 18:00 MSC/3 pm UTC with Dave | Eco#2900 - a call to discuss anything related to the community: any ideas, suggestions, events, onboarding, roles, etc.
  • Builders Office Hours - every Wednesday at 20:00 MSC/5 pm UTC with raoeco#3755 (product manager) - talk about Eco infrastructure/products on call.
  • AMA session with Andy | Eco#0001 and Ryne | Eco#2172 - every Thursday at 22:00

The average length of one call is about 1 hour. We also need extra time to make the final AMA squeeze. The transfer will be published on within 72 hours.

The calculation takes the price of the ECO token as of today $0.02305 USD.

Control over the use of grant funds:

We are asking for a grant of 600,000 ECO tokens:

  • 50% ( 300,000 ECO tokens) to allocate from the moment of approval of the proposal
  • 50% (300,000 ECO tokens) to allocate at the end of the 3-month period.
    Any participant or member of the ECO team can track the information on the website , the work done and the materials developed.
    The grant will be used by the team: k3pdi and @lewis08, additional participants will also be recruited as needed.

We are committed to the following values:

  • Objectivity. All information will be published according to official sources.
  • Quality. All developed material and translation should be made at a high enough level.
  • Timeliness. All information will be published on time




  • To reject the grant proposal

I support this proposal, Russian-speaking community of ECO is large and active, and translated content will be very popular. This proposal is important for ECO growth and should receive broad support.


Wow, love the site. Would love to be able to read what is there. Any chance for an English translation?


Thank you for your feedback.
Previously there was a separate branch in English (you can see it in the Archive section) If necessary, we will make a version in English as well.


I support this proposal, I see several positive influences:

  1. Indeed, there are so many Russian-speaking audience in the project that they need a website that helps everyone in onboarding (ordered information in one place);
  2. The result of the implementation of proposal - a website, can be an example (template) for other language versions;
  3. There are many resources on the Internet that talk about ECO (articles on the medium, videos on YouTube, etc.) It will be a great solution to combine everything on one website (integrate videos or give links to them from the site, give links to other articles) and most importantly confirm (having previously checked) the reliability and relevance of information previously created and posted on various resources (or refute), in Russian.

I have a technical question. How everything will look. In 2 months after the release of the token, a lot has changed and the statistics have become a little different. Here we are not talking about the nation. If done as it was before, text and illustrations will not be enough. Need mini video. I’ve been talking about this for half a year now. Many will not accept information, even if these sites exist.


Examples of metamask, golden

We plan to create all the necessary tools for the community: instructions, video guides, Ama records, knowledge tests, etc.


I would also recommend expanding the Holaeco. It is not necessary to do only interviews, you can also post mini notes in the journal like the parade of facts, news about cryptocurrency, press releases about the work done by the prefects, etc.


I like this idea, active participants of this promotional node need to keep the local community informed, submit relevant data in time


That’s a great start! I welcome this proposal and suggest that we think about:

  1. A system of accountability to the community;
  2. On the system of distribution of funds allocated to this activity (multisig, for example) according to the results of the agreement of the work done according to the reporting from point 1.

“Merged” with Events this project may become something special in the industry. One of the problems the existing crypto projects do fail to solve when it comes to onboarding, their docs/wiki comprised of only static info is just an ‘ad’ like ‘why you may want to buy our token’. Your different approach to always keep the users engaged not only with crypto related things but also with fun is what others may want to implement too. But there’s something important, the project is essentially building an ECO adoption mechanism that blazes a trail for future non-Russian speaking communities, thus higher adoption rate – it is exactly what the Eco-nomy needs as a great onboarding experience and the knowledge for future growth. Supported!


Like many members of the ECO community, I have repeatedly used the site, where all the relevant information on the ECO project is collected in one place.
You created this site at the very beginning of the discord activity, not counting on a reward, but every work useful for the project should be adequately paid.
I will support your proposal.
For the quick adaptation of new ECO participants, such a site is simply necessary. I think that the English version of this site will not be superfluous.

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I also fully support this initiative, in the future it will be the basis for other sites about Eco. Also, we can always make adjustments after some time, constantly improving the site.

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I fully support this initiative too.

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It looks like @MikeWeb took the responsibility to note and translate all AMAs…
Is the proposal stuck? Whats up