Creating a branch for people with disabilities

My idea lies in the previously described idea for obtaining a grant.I sent it to the team earlier, but they told me to wait.I will re-send this one here…That’s actually my idea here - eco - Google Docs


Geo hello, your idea is good, useful, but many are afraid of the name of the branch “for people with disabilities.” I know that you are going through rehabilitation, you are very brave and an example for many guys. You show fighting qualities, the branch can be called “Crypto-rehabilitation”. You can give knowledge and inspire by your example people who are afraid to move forward and despaired. And I can say that this applies not only to people with disabilities, but to everyone in general, regardless of their limitations.


Gm. I am so sorry to hear what happened to you and I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. In your proposal you write that you want to help people with disabilities on the topic of introduction to cryptocurrencies. Why make something separate for that when there is EСО Education, where teachers teach crypto, art English, healthy, photoshop - these skills help a lot in any crypto project. Maybe you should cooperate with them and help to lead some course?


it is possible to do so.I guess I just formulated my idea for the project incorrectly