Discord games for ECO

As Tender expands its ecosystem on Discord, there is a growing need to offer more use cases for ECO and ECOx tokens. As previously announced, Tender is developing a merchant POS terminal to facilitate businesses in receiving payments, and more information about this can be found on this link.

With approximately 150 million monthly active users on Discord, Tender has made it simple for users to create ECO wallets. However, the question remains as to what the ECO tokens can be used for. To address this, Tender has introduced basic games with competitive features and incentives based on either chance or luck, called Reveal and Wager.

Reveal is a game of luck and calculation, where players guess a number picked by their opponent and then choose a number they think their opponent will not be able to guess or predict. The game comes in two variations: a game of 10 numbers and a game of 20 numbers, with an entry fee of 100 eco for the former and 500 eco for the latter.

Wager is a simple lottery ticket game that selects a winner at the end of a cycle lasting three days. Players can purchase as many tickets as they wish to increase their chances of winning.

Both bots are currently in the test net and can be played on the Beta test Server( looking for feedback).

The Tender team will keep pushing use cases for ECO and ECOx.


Love the games, tested them myself and would love to see more community members check them out. Great job by flarcos as always.


After thorough testing, the Reveal and Wager game will be transitioning to mainnet, allowing players to use their Tender wallet for gameplay.

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