EGP #008 MetricsDAO Analytics for Eco

[EGP - 008] Proposal to the Eco Protocol from MetricsDAO

1) Introduction to MetricsDAO

We are a thriving community of Web3 data analysts dedicated to providing other DAOs with on-demand data insights and tooling. Our unique, 3-step process allows us to harness the talents of hundreds of analysts, providing the speed and flexibility required for success in the dynamic Web3 space.

MetricsDAO operates on an analytics bounty program model, inviting anyone to participate in sourcing questions, answering them, or reviewing others’ responses. Our community is strongly focused on knowledge sharing and mentorship to foster growth and development so anyone can become a Web3 data analyst.

2) Why is MetricsDAO submitting a governance proposal request?

MetricsDAO is submitting this governance proposal request to develop early-stage dashboarding tools for the Eco Community. The metrics that will be analyzed are detailed in the attached document. Our objective is to create a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard that showcases key data insights and enables the Eco Community and Trustees to make informed decisions.

MetricsDAO also suggests developing an Eco Education component, which will include online webinars to teach its community of over 5,000 analysts about the unique design elements and capabilities of the Eco Protocol. Additionally, the module will delve into the historical context of Eco within the cryptocurrency landscape and discuss its significance.

Ultimately, MetricsDAO aspires to enlist a team of analysts and developers who, by acquiring knowledge about the Eco Protocol and constructing dashboards for it, will continue to contribute to the ongoing development and maturity of the protocol for the indefinite future. Additionally, we aim to elevate the awareness of the Eco Protocol within the cryptocurrency community.

3) Benefits to the Eco Protocol

Collaborating with MetricsDAO presents numerous advantages for the Eco Protocol:

  • ● Thousands of decentralized analysts will be educated on the nuances of the Eco Protocol, training them to become capable current and future contributors.
  • ● The partnership will result in development of dashboards and metrics for the Eco Community and Trustees, helping drive decision-making.
  • ● Increased attention from the broader crypto space, raising awareness about the Eco Protocol among crypto enthusiasts.

4) MetricsDAO formal EGP Proposal Details

MetricsDAO is requesting a distribution of 510,000 ECO tokens to wallet address metricsdao.eth. These funds will be utilized to compensate analysts for producing insights, solving analytical challenges, and peer review of their results.

In return, MetricsDAO will provide the aforementioned benefits to the Eco Protocol, elevating its position in the Web3 ecosystem and expanding its reach within the crypto community.

MetricsDAO Analytics for Eco [Eco].pdf (122.5 KB)


1.Can you please upload the pdf to Cloud.
2.Are you asking 500k Eco in advance with no details on spending?

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  1. Do you mind clarifying what you mean by uploading to the cloud?

  2. Great question, we will utilize the funds to build education webinars to educate folks on Eco, activate analysts and builders onto the Eco platform through analytical challenges, as well as build the dashboards mentioned in the proposal.

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I mean, could you please make this pdf available on the Web somewhere, without having to download it on your PC.

Also, could you please provide links to successful cases when you received grants from other DAOs and which work provided them in exchange. Couple of the best cases.

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I am in support of this proposal as I see several benefits to the Eco Protocol, chiefly:

  1. Audience cross-polination - from what I’ve seen, the MetricsDAO Community seems to work with several Ethereum-based protocols, as well as supports projects from other chains. Through education and analytics, these analysts, builders and natives will become more familiar with Eco and, in turn, expand the size of the Eco Community. In an ideal scenario, these new community members would ultimately become active contributors to the protocol
  2. Spreading awareness - in my experience, “bounty programs” (such as the one described here) usually results in analysts posting their work across Twitter, Substack, personal websites, and so forth - e.g. marketing to their own audiences. This will only help foster additional awareness of the protocol, which in turn drives community growth and building activity
  3. Functional purpose - several dashboards have been created in Dune since the currency launch. However, it is my understanding that both the Eco Community and Trustees (in particular) are looking for more in-depth analytics beyond what has already been produced. This initiative would appear to satisfy those needs

When thinking about the budget for this initiative, the cost to have these in-depth analytics produced by a single engineer or developer would likely be equal, if not more, than what has been proposed, given the level of effort required (the PDF is…extensive). In that scenario, the protocol would not stand to benefit from increased awareness or community growth. There is also a minor benefit (IMO) of being able to make payment in the native currency ($ECO) as opposed to swapping $ECO for stables. In some ways, this is another form of awareness generation.

Net-net, I am in favor of this proposal, and will be voting accordingly.

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Of course!

  1. Here is a link to a google doc version of the pdf. Please let me know if you are having any trouble viewing it.

  2. A link to our education webinar videos can be found here

I’ll include some links to a few dashboards our analysts have created.

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I don’t see the need in that on this stage, personally. Also, I don’t see many real arguments for why it’s needed now :confused:
having read the google doc I see it as creating dashboards in one place on information that can be found in different places if desired.
not much information now to accumulate…
come back in 6-12 months :slight_smile:
(only my imho)

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Hello, @youngjames. Welcome to the Eco Forums!

If you don’t have a governance proposal onchain, it would be ideal if you submitted this under the category “Protocol Discussions and Ideas” without using the reference “EGP #008” in the title. This is so that if someone submits an EGP onchain before you, it will truly be the EGP008 and not your proposal because your proposal doesn’t already exist on the network.

With upcoming improvements to the dApp, the procedure will be simpler and more user-friendly. The appropriate flow at this time would be:

  1. Post on Protocol Discussions and Ideas to gauge the community input about it
  2. If you believe the feedback is positive, deploy the smartcontract to access the Community Treasury
  3. After the contract is live and the community is allowed to vote, move it to “Eco Governance Proposals” category

Please let me know if you need any assistance or if you have any queries about moving this post to the proper section. Let me also know if you have any questions or concerns on how to submit your proposal onchain so that people can vote; I’ll be happy to answer them or even take care of it for you.

You can also submit your proposal directly to the Builders Ecollective, and if your application is accepted, we will handle everything for you and just issue you the grant. The Builders Ecollective is a sub-DAO that aims to support the ecosystem with scalable apps, and tools, among other products.

Grants submission:
Documentation (under construction): Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Are you on our Discord community? Send me a DM in Disocrd to Saulo#9999 if you want to chat more about all of this or work together.

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Very respectfully, I disagree.

I don’t think it is ever too early to spread awareness about the Eco Protocol to other communities. It’s not just about the analytics - the analytics are what captures the attention of others outside of our own Community. This is an opportunity to educate others about the protocol and its enormous potential, and I think it’s arguably more important now than ever, particularly in the United States and Europe, where a banking crisis is unfolding right before our eyes.

The Eco Protocol, and the $ECO currency in particular, has a very real potential to solve these problems. But the only way that can happen is if more people, outside of our existing Eco Community, can learn about it.

My two cents. Think beyond the analytics themselves, and consider the opportunity for Community growth.

I would agree that there are many ways to promote Eco protocol and this one is very useful.

Maybe we need to make more onchain activity for this type of promotion to really play to our advantage. Maybe after launching the Tender Wallet and ECO.ID dApp and a few months of using them, we will get enough material.

At the moment there is not much on-chain activity to spend 500k Eco to analyze and visualize it (imho).

I’ve moved this proposal from the EGP Category to the Protocol Discussions & Ideas section until it has been officially submitted on chain, at which time I will move it back.

Updated the proposal to 510,000 ECO tokens to include the 10,000 ECO required to submit contract.

The Eco Association has submitted support for this proposal (with its holdings and delegations). This has satisfied the support threshold and kicked off the 3-day voting period.

With that said, the Association will abstain from voting during the second phase, given the lack of clear community support expressed. While we believe pursuing quality partnerships with other DAOs is in the best interest of the protocol and its members, it’s clear there was room for improvement regarding pre-socialization of this proposal with the community and having sufficient time for discussion & debate.

Over the voting period, the Association will seek to enable this discussion to ensure community members have all the context they need in order to vote on this proposal. We invite those with questions or feedback to voice them publicly.

Further, this cycle has highlighted the need to revisit the proposal submission process to ensure there’s sufficient time and mechanisms for context-sharing, discussion, and debate prior to voting. We will be establishing a better process ASAP.

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After today’s call, I am convinced that this proposal should be supported by the community. I voted in support and would like to see this proposal pass this cycle.

This proposal has been passed successfully by the Eco Community and was implemented by the Eco Protocol in Generation 1011. This post is being closed for comments as it is no longer an active topic.