EGP # ECOnstitution


We, the international community of Eco, the first decentralized currency to create a new type of economy, guided by the principles of openness, industriousness and collective prosperity, adopt the following Econstitution.

This document describes the core Mission and North Star of the Ecommunity , as well as the Code of Conduct for community members. All community initiatives must support the Eco Community Mission and North Star as outlined in this Econstitution.

Ecommunity Mission & North Star

Our mission is to build a new type of Economy that works transparently and with greater alignment to its user base than existing financial systems in order to serve our common interests and maximize the aggregate wealth held in the Eco protocol.

We strive to make sure that in the future the $ECO currency will grow as an alternative means of payment, one that is more aligned with its users than existing payment systems. We seek to increase adoption of $ECO, namely in terms of volumes and areas of application and in order to eventually become a global unit of account.

We believe that the moon is not enough. That’s why our North Star is the widespread adoption of $ECO currency. Our primary indicator of success is an increase in the flow of funds and users into the Eco protocol along with an increase in the volume of transactions with $ECO.

Our goal can be subdivided into five components:

  • Evangelize: Spreading the word and attracting new people and contributors to the Ecosystem.

  • Create: Building and maintaining projects to support the Economy. The Econstitution guarantees creators the opportunity to perpetually benefit from the Eco’s Independent Monetary Policy framework. Every creator contributing to building the community’s aggregate wealth is entitled to explanations of policymaker decisions as those who administer Monetary Policy are ultimately responsible to members of the Eco community.

  • Onboard: Ramping new contributors up on the tasks above, explaining Eco to them, and getting them started.

  • Govern: Learning, coordinating, proposing, and voting on improvements to the protocol.

  • Monetize: To turn $ECO into a global unit of account, goods and services providers and consumers will need to transact and find monetary use cases for $ECO.

The Economy is intended to be a win-win environment where users are encouraged to build partnerships. $ECO is not a speculative asset, nor is it a stablecoin mimicking USD or any other fiat currency. $ECO is a new alternative to fiat currency with independent monetary policy aligned with its users. The activities propelled by their creativeness and business acumen will ultimately grow the Economy over time. We believe the main disadvantages of existing payment infrastructure are misaligned incentives, intermediaries and monetary policy based on poor economic data. According to this vision, transparent, accountable and open community governance based on real time data and clear, protocol aligned incentives should be developed and pursued at all times. We will try to share our vision and introduce ECO currency to the world in order to give people the opportunity to decide for themselves how they will manage their funds.

Code of Conduct

Eco is for everyone!

We are an international group of people that respects differences and continues to grow and develop in line with the Ecommunity Mission and North Star.

We welcome the following behavior described below

Be welcoming. As the Ecommunity grows, many new members will join us in our quest to make impactful changes in the financial system. Some newcomers may have no experience with crypto and may not know anything about Eco. Be patient, kind and courteous with them and welcome them into the Ecommunity.

Be inquisitive. Only when we ask questions, can we learn. As members of the Ecommunity, we fully understand that nobody can know everything. This is why we encourage members to ask questions and why we take the time to explain the answers.

Be a contributor. The Ecommunity consists of a lot of creative, innovative, thoughtful, and hard-working members with unique skills and talents. Everyone can contribute their own skills towards making Eco a success.

Be positive. This world is made by people who are excited about new challenges and those who seek to bring about change to outdated ways of doing things. Eco is full of opportunities for all those willing to look closely. Also have the courage to speak up when you disagree and when you see areas of improvement. When you voice your opinion, be sure that you are honest, direct and respectful. Every problem you identify in the Ecoverse is a new opportunity to put your skills to work.

Be collaborative. Eco is all about collaborating because in the Ecoverse we all win together. We thrive on collaboration and mutual success. Everyone is given the opportunity to add value and outstanding efforts will always be rewarded.

We don’t tolerate the behavior described below

Bigotry, bullying, harassment, and rudeness in any form are unacceptable.

Any discussion/contents related to terrorism, racism, religious discussions/contents, pornography are unacceptable.

Posting of any malicious link or video or content that has a harmful narrative or intention are unacceptable.

Spamming with off-topic content like advertisement, promotion etc. (including but not limited to links, texts, emoji, pictures, gifs, videos, memes, etc.) are unacceptable.

Posting/direct messaging any invite/referral links without approval are unacceptable.

This Code of Conduct outlines the community’s expectations for all participants (anyone can explain the reason for their behavior).

We intend to officially ratify this document through a Governance Vote at some point in the near future, but given the fact that there are important Protocol upgrades and Community Proposals being voted on in the current Governance cycles we are posting this here for posterity until such times as it can be officially ratified via Governance.

*ECOnstitution is a collective work in progress (link to the discussion) and may be revised, edited, or updated in the future.


Thank you for making the ECOnstitution a reality!


Thanks a lot, Stefan, for your support and participation in this project :pray: !


Parallacs, excellent work here.

I agree to abide by these principles.



Excellent work. As we recently started building culture, ECOnstitution is where it starts.


Thanks for responding to my comments. I see that you have approached the ECOnstitution responsibly. For the beginning of the Start!!! Ding-Dong

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Where to sign this beautiful piece of paper?

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Thank you so much friends, we all did it together!

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:! At this stage, the comment with your opinion is more than enough :pray:. In future I hope we’ll make a voting on this.

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@parallacs Great initiative! :+1:
Didn’t find anything else to add or remove. Nothing to reformulate!
Well done and I’m ready to sign.

Edited: I thought it would be good for delegates to make a similar document or sign this one (and we can be sure that they signed it).

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I am preparing my Eco-constitution, which is forbidden in Eco.

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It’s very interesting what it’s about :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t worry, this will be for the test group. I’m just experimenting)))

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