[Grant Proposal] Eco Culture Development in Thesandbox Metaverse

The proposal is for an initial grant of 256.278 ECO ($5,000) (rate: $0.01951 2nd Apr 2023) for development 1st eco multiplayer experiences (2 LAND) in Thesandbox metaverse based on eco culture.


We can see many brands from artist, crypto project, web3 people, game industry, and more. Already own Land in the sandbox and they develop experiences / games for their community. This is great opportunity to growth our community.

Benefit of eco multiplayer game experiences in thesandbox :

  • Attract various crypto communities.
  • Play to earn points / $ECO / other currencies.
  • Social hub in metaverse.

I have learned thesandbox game maker and voxedit software since March 23. I have participate in Thesandbox game jam contest 3 times and winning in the Ragnarok Game Jam (my 3rd game jam) as top 10 Best Design.
Ragnarok Game Jam Winner Link : Ragnarok Game Jam Winner Announcement | by The Sandbox | Medium

My game jam entry video : RAGNAROK GAME JAM — Birthday Event - YouTube

I’m joined Eco community since Apr 18, 2021. There have a lot moments and activities from the day i joined till now, amazing community inside. I want to create new experiences which can include all eco culture in thesandbox metaverse, inviting new people to join eco community by playing games together in thesandbox, and the important is introduce them about eco by playing the game.

Mission and Goals :

The Mission :

  • Develop casual multiplayer games for eco season events or other events.
  • Develop eco social hub.
  • Creating the custom sandbox assets based on eco culture.

Goals :

  • Attracting and Inviting new people to join eco community.
  • Introduce other communities about eco and eco culture by playing the game experiences.
  • Advertise Eco in thesandbox metaverse.
  • Growth Eco communities in the metaverse.

Use of Fund Details
Initial Funds are used for operational and development 1st casual multiplayer eco experiences “Eco Community Playground” in thesandbox.
Total Hours worked in a week = 25 hours.
Initial funds will be spent for :

  • Full set high end pc.
  • Pool prize for events.

Roadmap 2023

Name Stage Start date End Date
Eco Community Playground V1 Planning and Development 2023-01-25 2023-03-03
Eco Community Playground V2 Development 2023-03-13 2023-04-28
Eco Community Playground 1.0 Release 2023-04-29
Eco Community Playground 2.0 Improvement 2023-05-01 2023-07-24

Eco Community Playground Specifications :
Game Genre = Casual, Parkour, Education, and Multiplayer.
Thesandbox LAND Size = 2 LAND.
Sandbox Assets :

  • Custom Eco Assets = 150+
  • TSB default Assets = 25+

Max Player in the room = 40 players.
Events :

  • Speed Run
  • Hide n Seek
  • Quiz (questions about eco)
  • Treasury Wallet Hunting
  • Labyrinth

Event start = Every 2 weeks on Satuday, 15:00 UTC
Event duration = 1 hours++

Success Metrics

The success of this proposal based on users involved metrics :

  1. Users participating in events every week.
  2. New user who joined eco community.
  3. User involved in game development.


Current team for develop Eco Community Playground :

Name Discord Role
Robin Binn#4896 Full Stack Game Developer

Portfolio / Experience :

Communities can contribute to this proposal by creating eco custom assets in the sandbox. I will make sure all high quality eco custom assets will added to the experiences and get paid by eco points / $ECO.


This is probably a good idea, though I would add CryptoVoxels and any other 3D blockchain-based generic world as well.


Yeah, in the beginning we will focused development in the sandbox. I’m believe after team growing, we can develop in the others metaverse.

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I support the proposal! Using this example (which has already shown itself successfully in the ECO Discord) of promoting a project through the Metaverses (and games, for example), one can not only attract young and advanced audiences from all over the world, but also enable the existing audience of the ECO Discord to see (and offer their own ) seemingly not obvious collaborations with other similar projects.

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If we REALLY want to advertise though, we should be represented at the cryptocurrency conferences that take place throughout the world, throughout the year.

Sandbox is cool, but I’ve yet to see anyone effectively use it for true advertising.

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Advertising is optional advantages. We focus to creating eco culture which for onboarding new member, creating a way for easily learning about eco.
Example :
I creating casual games → after player finished the game → I add requirement to claim rewards → must join our discord server and i give them points + raffle ticket ($500 pool prize for 10 raffle winners, each winner will received $50 in $ECO).

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Initial grants is for recruiting people to join me and form as team. The biggest challenge is creating high quality social hub, should be finished in Q4 2023 as team + community. The social hub will be full of eco culture inside, we will bring eco team and eco community together live in the same place.

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@Subspace IMO Sandbox + ECO is not about advertising, it’s about propaganda. If you want to advertise your product - do advertising, if you want to show a new way and new behavior - do propaganda.

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I’m fine with that definition, though propaganda is often a negative term meaning convincing others by lying, but I think I get your point. That said, Sandbox does not impress me. It will come, and then it will go. The day it started, it was already old tech. The problem is that it locks the graphics engine, and forces devs to develop on it. As such, it might as well be Roblox, which at least is an actual game. Sandbox is just a giant room, with no purpose, much like Second Life.

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I’m agree with you this thesandbox is old technology, like roblox. But, i have join their communities. I see there have great opportunity because the company already evolution to the web3 (roblox not yet do this)
You can see their partnership in the map above. We have opportunity to bring their community to join our community and also tell their community about eco. I’m not good about advertising, but the advertising concept should introducing product to customer faster than competitor.

After my team growth, we will development the eco culture in multi metaverse. :+1:

For the record, I endorsed this right at the beginning. We definitely should do this. But we need a LOT more exposure than just this.



okay great, all suggestions noted !!

I really like the idea that we can start with Sandbox and move to other blockchain-based worlds to establish ECO presence and promote our mission. Web3 is changing really fast and we should be ready to move to the next big Metaverse platform, if it will appear in the future.


Sandbox already even PlayBoy cooperate, I support the proposal.

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I like it and support.

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More specific information about the use of funds would be appreciated! You gonna hire somebody and buy him PC/table and chair? Or is there also some $/hour calculations included?

I will buy a PC if a friend or someone wants to join my team from beginning. (we will being the founders and focus on goals)
If I don’t get the founder I’ll hire someone on fiverr and paid him.

Currently, I’m solo developer. I also want to run voxedit / sandbox game maker education, maybe I’ll find the founders in graduated student haha.

Initial grants $5k already enough to start my plan

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You’re good, believe in yourself, and you will succeed. there will be like-minded people and students.

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Are you considering getting a retrospective grant based on performance or based on partially completed work? Let’s say there will be 3-4 milestones…

yes, after i completed the social hub in Q3 - Q4 2023.

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