[Grant proposal] Eco ID playground Dapp ( MVP )


This proposal is for a grant of 241,704 ECO ($4880) (rate: $0.02019 26th Jan 2023) to fund the development of a general purpose Eco ID Dapp playground, referred in this document as the minimum valuable product ( MVP )


At the time of writing, Aside from the Eco id Claim DApp (which only covers one specific use case of Eco ID: identity verification of Discord and Twitter accounts ), there is no other way to interact with the Eco Id protocol than the smart contract itself. There is a need for better accessibility.

Providing better accessibility to the Eco ID protocol is key to fulfilling its growth and vision: provide a fully decentralized and permissionless identity and reputation system that is simple, but maximally flexible.


Accessibility has two distinct meaning in a product context :

  • the quality of being easily understood

  • the quality of being easy to use.

Trying to optimize over one of those qualities might go in contradictions with the other :

  • improving the quality of being easy to use by abstracting the complexity might result in lowering the quality of being easy to understood the inner system for its end users.

  • improving the quality of being easily understood by breaking down the information flow might result in lowering the quality of being easy to use.

Each of this qualities are essential to fulfill, but easy to prioritize due to the context this proposal lives in :

As the Eco Id protocols has been publicly released only a few weeks ago, there is only a few community members which fully understand how it work and what it has to offer. The priority is therefore to invest in education tools and material to increase the numbers of Eco ID advocates within the community.

The Eco ID playground ( MVP ) aim to be an education tool ( Dapp ), improving the accessibility of the Eco ID protocol by focusing over the quality of being easily understood.

The Eco ID Dapp (V1) aim to be improve the accessibility of the Eco ID protocol by focusing over the quality of being easy to use.

If the V1 will be developed from the MVP, the two versions will continue to be live and be developed independently as compare to what we can encounter in a traditional product life cycle.

The playground (MVP ) will be hosted on IPFS and not rely on centralized components, and therefore will stay and remain a fall back solution if the Eco id Dapp was to cease to function properly at any point of time.


The development of the MVP started on the 2d of January 2023, is expected to be delivered on the 1st of February 2023, and being improved upon for 30 days thanks to community feedback which will be conducted over the Eco Community tools - Beta test discord server

product version stage start date end date
MVP planning 2023-01-02 2023-01-13
MVP development 2023-01-16 2023-01-31
MVP release 2023-02-01
MVP feedback, bug correction, improvments 2023-02-01 2023-02-28
V1 planning 2023-01-02 2023-02-10
V1 development 2023-02-10 2023-03-01


The current team in charge of the MVP is composed of two developers :

Name Discord Role
Pauline LinaHello#3433 Junior developer
Jeremie Jeremie#7539 Senior developer

Here’s a list of potential additional contributors for the V1 scope

Name Discord Role
Saulo Saulo#9999 Senior Designer
AndyRv andyrv#1408 Designer
Fact Parade facts parade#4191 Content writer
Omiage OMiage#4996 Senior Business analyst

Funds usage breakdown

Here is the breakdown of the worked hours (accounting for project analyses and development, excluding the prior research stage ) corresponding to the MVP.

Name Worked day Worked hours Hours rate $
Jeremie 8 64 50 3200
Lina 7 56 30 1680
TOTAL 4880

MVP Features

This Dapp will cover the most basic needs to interact with the Eco ID protocol and decompose the steps of an Eco ID creation :

  • Filling Attestation details

  • Signature

  • Attestation download

  • Attestation registration and mint

as described in the 4 users flow in the following interactive mockup link:

This Dapp will also require its user to manually share the attestation with each other

This Dapp will interact with the Ethereum mainnet and goerli testnet to allow its user to experiment with the protocol without having to spend real ETH for gas fee.

The logic, build on stately.ai, allow its user to explore an interactive statechart while using the Dapp. This offers real support to share business logic between product and tech collaborators, facilitate collaborations and provide a reusable piece of code for any other project which would like to build on Eco ID.

Further development

The features/ tasks to be included in the following proposal are not defined yet ( as not part of this proposal ), and presented here as ideas open to discussions.

Version target Category Value prop description
1.0 Product Store and retrieve Pending signatures via a centralized backend
1.0 Product Eco ID - User profile
1.0 Product Decentralized notifications via Push protocol
2.0 Product Eco ID - directory MVP
2.0 Product Dapp UI/UX
2.0 Product Decentralized wallet to wallet chat via Push protocol
NA Marketing Pitch Deck: Why you should build your business on top of Eco ID ?
NA Marketing Article around Eco ID
NA Education material EIP-712 showcase video on eth.build
NA Education material video : revocable attestation showcase with Eco ID

Here’s a first estimate (TBD) of what the following proposal could include

Name Role Hours rate Expected Worked hours $
Jeremie Project lead / senior developper 50 160 TBE
Lina Junior developer 30 160 TBE
? Senior Designer 50 40 TBE
? Senior Business analyst 50 40 TBE
? App Copy writer 30 10 TBE
? Article Content writer 30 20 TBE


As living documents, the two product specifications are not part of this proposal, but can be found on notion through the following link :



Eco ID Dapp is one of the most important pieces of the future ECOsystem, you have my full support for this project. Great write up on goals, roadmap and expectations, I have no doubts that you will deliver the best product possible.

looking forward to this as so much can be built on top of eco id.

I fully support the proposal and look forward to the development of Eco ID

That’s a high quality proposal! :+1:
The dApp could provide better accessibility to the Eco Id protocol!

Quick update : there is now a live version of the MVP on the Goerli testnet :

While we are still working on improving upon this MVP you can already try to act as verfier and send an attestation to someone, or act a an Eco ID receiver and mint your Eco ID.

Please share your feedback if you give it a shot. Thanks