Instructions for Delegates

This section is for introducing and engaging with Delegates of the Eco Protocol.

In order to qualify as a potential Delegate, members must:

Create a post as a New Topic with your name / Discord Handle / Identifier as the Title. The body of the post should adhere to the simple format below and include all of the following information.

ETH Address:
Short Introduction:
Relevant Experience / Why do you want to be a Delegate:

Failure to include any of the above elements will result in a Delegates post being removed from the Forum.

For more details and instructions see

Finally, it should be noted that only ETH addresses with an associated ECO ID will be accepted as Delegate candidates.


Gm sir. I can’t create a new topic in “Become a Delegat”. Can you check access?

Adjusted, you should be good to go now.

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Perhaps also important for delegates is to follow these instructions:

In order for any address to become a primary delegate, they must enable primary delegation for ECO and ECOx in their respective contracts.


updated thank you for the suggestion.

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