Introducing the Giftcard bot

To expand the range of applications available to the Eco community, we are pleased to introduce the Giftcard bot. The Giftcard bot enables all ECO holders to access a broad range of gift cards, as well as bill payment and airtime options. Currently, the Gift card bot offers over 14,000 products from 170+ countries, and more products are being added continuously.

A gift card is a form of prepaid card that allows the holder to purchase goods or services from a specific retailer or group of retailers. It has become a popular alternative to giving physical gifts or cash because it gives the recipient the freedom to choose what they want to buy while still allowing the giver to give a gift. Typically, gift cards come with a specific dollar amount or a range of values that the recipient can use to buy products from retailers affiliated with the gift card issuer. The remaining balance can be used later.

Now, with the Tender Wallet account, users will have the ability to buy gift cards directly from the Giftcard bot.

The gift card bot will be added to the marketplace soon.


really excited to see this put into action!

great use case for $ECO.

is there a link that shows the list of products and available countries?

The bot will be operational starting from Monday and will cover a vast number of major countries (170+) along with the most commonly used gift cards.


I was just thinking about gift cards today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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