Layer 3 Ecollective informal report on progress #2 (29th January)

Hi, community!
First informal report - Layer 3 Ecollective informal report on progress (21st December)

This is the second informal report on progress.
It’s been two months since we received 1.88M Eco funding in our wallet - Safe{Wallet} – Assets

After the first informal report (December 21), Layer 3 Ecollective approved the following proposals:

1.Mint NFT Beam 2024 by Slava
30K Eco will be spent soon, after the contest ends (Feb 1). By now, 26 unique minters minted 67 items. This resulted in about $20 in income.

2.Adjustment to the “Provide a small amount of liquidity for Eco on Optimism” proposal. by Ihar and Slava
Thinking about how we can move Eco from the ETH safe to the safe on Optimism, we came up with the idea of organizing a community bridge for those who have small amounts of Eco in the Optimism network and might want to transfer them to ETH, but can’t because of high bridging fees. Maintenance of the community is an important part, and it is directly mentioned in our EGP. In this proposal, we take care of those community members who have benefited the community for many previous months but have relatively small Eco balances in the Optimism network.

In the end, 12 people took advantage of this opportunity (community bridge), transferring a total of 105K Eco from the Optimism network to ETH.
Can be seen here :point_right: Safe{Wallet} – Transaction history

3.Litany against doubt bonuses by Irina
The Layer 3 Ecollective has approved spending 70K Eco on bonuses for participants in this important activity inside the Eco discord. The transaction is being executed right now Safe{Wallet} – Transaction details

This activity is really old (since 2021), created and supported by the team, it’s like some tradition and culture of Eco and one of the Layer3 members (Irina) is actively involved in keeping this activity running, making sure that adequate incentives are in place and that new individuals are involved in this activity.

4.Proposal for an event in Uyo, Nigeria by ihar
90K Eco total approved to conduct an event in Uyo, Nigeria. The Nigerian crypto community is very vast. Organizing events there is a priority. Many people in Nigeria are interested in crypto. The crypto ban was lifted there recently (banks lifted their ban on transactions). Many ‘Be Influential’ participants are from Nigeria. We will form a local community this way.

Most of this amount has already been sent to the event organizer, the rest will be sent in Eco closer to February 9. The event will take place on February 9. Also, we hope to have a new tool - Beam Merchant, present and working at this first community event.

Layer 3 also initiated a community survey to find those who would like to conduct such but smaller scale events in their cities - Discord

5. L3 Safe Administration and Expenses spending by L3.
In general, we approved the spending on some administrative costs associated with the use of the eth:safe, as well as some past costs associated with sending Layer 3 EGP (10K Eco and 0.01 eth was returned to @MikeWeb).

As a result of approving these proposals, 190,000 Eco has been spent from the Culture & Vibes budget (300,000 Eco total), and about 29,000 Eco from the Reserve fund (200,000 Eco total).

About Binn’s Eco Community Experiences in Thesandbox Metaverse:

Binn is exploring for game department, he will start on pixels game to create beameco guild. Then, he will use Thesandbox experiences for guild member event / challenge.

About ihar’s Be Influential program progress:

At this point, two months later, there are 13 people in the program participating from those who were invited and another 4 from those who joined on their own. From these 17 we have participants from Turkey (1), Nigeria (8), Ukraine&Russia (7), and US (1).

12 participants are totally new to our community and actively participating in it’s life. Some of them attend community calls (@mrrpiusz, @Bells,, @kegvorn and others), some invite new participants for Be influ (@Lexaugust), some proposed to organize community events (@Lexaugust, event in Uyo, Nigeria) and AMAs (@Bells), some participate also in bounties such as Mint NFT Beam 2024 (@badlandYW). Several participants expressed interest in further community involvement - joining Layer 3 Ecollective.

This program has been running for two months now. Since 19th December to 28th January program participants created 179 pieces of content (tweets/tweet-threads) and generated 257,000 views (only the first tweet’s views count in tweet-threads). That is a fantastic result! About 1.4k views per post on average.
Of these 257,000 - about 100 thousand relate to organic views and about 157 thousand relate to semiorganic views, but that is, again, a great result.

Overall result so far (December 1st - January 28th): 221 pieces of content and 331,000 views.

Some of the best tweets from Dec 19 to Jan 28:

Besides the EGP directly-related things, we’ve also been busy onboarding people back since the last Eco Discord update in early January. There have been a lot of difficulties and questions.

And another area of our work has been focused on implementing a new onboarding process in Layer 3 Ecollective, which is designed to simplify and speed up the procedure for all interested parties to join subDAO. Layer 3 Candidate concept will be presented to the community within a few days.


Thank you for sharing this report.

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Thank you very much for creating and sharing the report :+1:

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thanks for the kind words

Thanks for sharing these reports, @ihar7824 — it’s great see this level of structure and rigour in L3. And progress on so many fronts!

From a results standpoint, it’s been fantastic to see the Be Influential program progress in the wild — and I’m very eager to hear how the event goes on February 9th.

Thrilled that one is happening, seems like a great use of time & effort by the group.


Thank you for this breakdown @ihar7824 It’s really useful to see a detailed summary of what the Layer 3 group has been allocating funding toward.

The results of these efforts so far seem to be very much in line with the original proposal and an overall benefit to the broader development of the Eco Protocol. Growth is a large part of our collective Roadmap for 2024 and initiatives like ‘Be Influential’ if executed with the same diligence and and thoughtfulness as has been demonstrated thus far are clearly yielding results!


Thank you for the countdown. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people through the Be Influential program. They are all amazing, sociable individuals, and we’ve discovered many common interests. The minting of NFTs and the reward process, including the Litany bot designed by Irina, seamlessly fits into the marketing plan :+1:


I should mention that thanks to @olgatelb many Be Influ participants were pleasantly surprised and probably felt the goodwill of our community much faster, because she gifted about 6 or 8 Beam names in the first weeks of the program to some participants, and by this stimulated the creation of personalized content.
Thanks a lot :+1: