Monetary Policy Discussion: Generation 1026 (October 13 2023 - October 27th 2023)

This topic has been created for the Eco Trustees to discuss the monetary policy that will be enacted on Friday October 27th. As always, the policy will be in effect for two weeks — this is for Generation 1026, which runs from October 13 - October 27.

Trustees are encouraged to post via replies under this topic to:

  • Discuss what policy they have proposed and/or are voting for, and why
  • Engage in public dialogue/debate with other Trustees

Community discussion will occur in the #trustee-community channel on Discord .

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This cycle we have a wide range of policies, I will prioritize high APR proposals as usual. Negative rebase is not a big deal at the moment, it will allow us to slowly reduce supply and signal that currency can (and will) rebase in the future, so I have no strong arguments against using rebase lever at the moment.
My hope is that we can continue the current trend of raising rates until we at least see some results and/or decide that it’s not a very effective policy at this stage.

A wide range this cycle indeed!

As in previous cycles, I am in favour of us doing more experimentation in monetary policy.

I will support the highest APR proposal once again this time, followed by the other proposals in descending order.

This cycle Bismarck is submitting a 0.5% supply decrease, and a 15% APR lockup with a 45-day duration. Until we have data about the last cycle’s winning proposal it seemed best to submit something similar, plus a little rebase for price stabilization.