Proposal Submission Process Update

Proposal Submission Process:

Now that we’ve had several Eco Governance Proposals (EGPs) completed through community governance, we’re providing an update on the process.

This document contains the steps that proposers should take to submit a proposal via the Eco governance process. This is an attempt to clarify and improve the process for both submitters and community members, and we are very open to feedback on it as we iterate.

The proposal submission process should follow these steps:

  1. Post the proposal in the Protocol Discussion & Ideas category of the Eco Forum with the title beginning with [PROPOSAL].

  2. Attend a Community Call to discuss the proposal — coordinate this in advance with #Dave | Eco#2900

  3. Respond to feedback and collect positive consensus from the community.

  4. Post the proposal on-chain a minimum of 24 hours prior to the end of the proposal cycle to give the Association sufficient time to organize its vote. (Make sure to remove the [PROPOSAL] tag from the onchain submission. An Eco Association Moderator will move the proposal to the Current Governance Cycle Proposals category.

  5. After the Voting phase, successful proposals will be labeled with [EGP #X] and moved to the final Eco Governance Proposals [EGP's] category. Unsuccessful proposals will be returned to the Protocol Discussion & Ideas category.

Criteria for Association Support:

The Eco Association is a Swiss entity that aims to promote the independent development and growth of the Eco Currency and the network and community surrounding it.

To be eligible for Association support, a proposal must follow the above submission process. (For more details on the proposal phase, see here: Proposal Phase - Eco Protocol)

While this criteria should be considered policy, the Association’s primary mandate is to ensure the development and growth of the Eco protocol and we reserve the right to act in accordance with that primary goal, even if it means conflicting with one of the above points. We will always optimize for what we believe to be the best possible outcome for Eco and the community.


This framework outlines the criteria proposals must meet to qualify for Association support during the Proposal stage. As the Eco protocol matures, we anticipate updates and iterations to this process, but we hope this framework provides greater transparency and context for those considering submitting a proposal.