[RFP] Mobile Optimization Community Governance dApp

This is an RFP issued by the Eco Association.

RFP Summary

RFP Description Request For Proposal for Mobile optimization of the Community Governance dApp located here.
Status Open for Proposals
Grant Size 3,125 $ECOx 50,000 $ECO
RFP Category Infrastructure
Required Skills Typescript, React
Contact Person Shahrukh Rao, Dave Clancy

RFP Description


This document outlines the Request For Proposal for Mobile optimization of the Community Governance dApp located here. The Proposal includes designs for dApp that should be implemented for mobile optimization. Applicants are encouraged to submit a PR request of one key view of the dApp to showcase their proficiency. At the end of the selection period, all proposals will be evaluated by a team composed of community and Eco Inc team members. The winning proposal will be selected to implement the whole site.


The following design outlines some mobile views of the community governance dApp’s Home page. This should be used to submit a PR as a Proof of Concept for this proposal. The design can be found here. The repo can be found here.

Technical Outline

The ecomponents library is the design library used in the community governance dApp and by other dApps built by Eco. The repo can be found here. Mobile optimization will require creating or modifying some components within this library.

Bidding process

Acceptance Criteria

  • Submissions need to be a PR on a public fork of the community governance dApp repo.
  • Submissions should use the same libraries as the community governance dApp. It is preferred that the submission doesn’t add any other library unless it is absolutely needed.
  • Submissions should adopt a responsive design that can accommodate popular mobile and tablets sizes (iPhone, Samsungs etc).
  • The PR attached to the submission showcasing the PoC should be fully functional (connected to the ECO contracts)

Submission Process

  • All submissions should be made here along with links to relevant materials: Airtable.com
  • All submissions should fork the community governance dApp and ecomponents library. Create a Pull Request to the main branch of their forked repository. Applicants should create a PR in the ecomponents repo, and add a link in their community governance dApp PR to the ecomponents repo PR when submitting their RFP.

After the deadline for this RFP is over, a panel of engineers and designers will evaluate all submissions. The panel will then decide the winning submission as well as release the rubric used for evaluating all submissions.


Get funded to build the future economy

Grant applications are always open and will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Please specify in your application for which RFP you are applying. You can apply for a grant from the Eco Association here: Grant Application Form

You can download the RFP as a PDF here:

RFP-Mobile-Optimization-Community-Governance-dApp.pdf (107.8 KB)


What is the deadline for this.

I’m tagging @srao here.

I’m willing to take on this project if no one sees an objection.

Hey Steffan, thanks for tagging me! We don’t have a hard deadline @flarcos but plan to evaluate submissions at the end of this month. If we have a Hell Yes PoC we are going to recommend it to the Association.

@Jeremie we would love for you to also submit a PoC for this grant, I don’t think the Association can just give you this grant without a PoC. The idea here is that you submit a PR in your application for some components of the Home page (as outlined in the Figma) for the community governance dApp, there is a panel that will evaluate all submissions and make the decision to give the grant to the winning candidate. Let me know if you have any questions!