Tender Web (Updates)

Tender has been making significant progress towards achieving its milestones, including the development of a POS terminal and games to increase the usage of ECO and ECOx on Discord. As a result, there is a growing need for a web interface to complement the Tender Cash bot on Discord. This will provide users with greater flexibility and less restrictive access to the bot’s functionalities. Additionally, the web interface will enable more account abstractions and non-custodial integrations into Tender.

Account abstraction is a blockchain paradigm where smart contracts exclusively hold assets, rather than externally-owned accounts (EOAs). By leveraging infrastructure built on account abstraction, users will be able to log in, receive, and send assets using their Web2 authentication processes. This approach offers several benefits, such as gasless transactions and easy onboarding for existing Web2 users.

Tender plans to release a web wallet in the upcoming weeks, which will enable users to log in through Discord, send ECO/ECOx to Discord usernames and 0x addresses, as well as access their transaction history.

A sneak look at the Ui


You are young, doing amazingly simple things for people. With your bots, communicating in game form becomes easy and uncomplicated. I will always encourage you.

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