Testament in Eco. Transfer of digital assets by inheritance

Two years is a long time, anything can happen. Is it worth disposing of cryptocurrency, preserving the anonymity of investment, and letting your heirs inherit it? A crypto wallet key safe can be used. There is a law on the inheritance of digital assets in the U.S. and Russia. Cryptocurrency is already starting to come out of the gray area, which means that the legacy of digital assets by law, just like money, and other property is becoming more and more relevant.


That’s an interesting topic! Just researched on that, there’re quite a few solutions available, such as:


They use different approaches. I didn’t dive deep into most but read FortKnoxster’s whitepaper. They allow any wallets so you can store Eco with them. They aim to automate the inheriting process entirely, and thereby get rid of a human factor. However they depend a lot on third-party online services for verifying the identities of the beneficiaries, and also I don’t know how much of their infrastructure is actually based on blockchain (and so is resistant to problems with the company itself).

Perhaps there’s still space for new solutions in this area that would focus on reliability. This is an overall issue not just specific to Eco.


that is, the essence of the idea is to make everything visually simple.Everything sounds exactly as it is.

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So is the intent here to just discuss this, or do you have a specific idea on strategy?


While the discussion, there is a strategy, but it is still raw. I understand that there is a legal issue here. And not everyone is even ready to provide access to a crypto wallet to their friends and children. But we now live in a difficult time and it is worth thinking about the future of children and not only. Rather, talk more about force majeure. You can create some kind of crypto-safe, with an identification key, which will be stored in a separate "cold wallet" for the main owner, indicating the legal system of the trustee. "Digital Heir"
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Thanks for the answer) and valuable platforms, I will study them.


I will be writing this sentence for a year. in fact, I did not abandon it, but conducted surveys among users and confirmed even more that it needs to be finalized and implemented.