[UPDATED] EGP #007 Website development for the Russian-speaking Eco Community

Awesome! It is time to support and finally make this proposal a reality.


Will it be possible to transfer ownership in case of anything? Or is there some way to make sure in advance that a community-funded resource stays in the community’s hands if something goes wrong?


I also support this idea.


Based on clear support for this proposal from the community, the Eco Association will submit support for this proposal (with its holdings and delegations). We expect this will satisfy the support threshold and kick off the 3-day voting period.

Further, in discussion with the community we have surfaced some potential issues and inefficiencies that would most likely arise with similar proposals (single projects requesting smaller funding amounts) being submitted directly to the community governance process. This current approach works while limited proposals are submitted each cycle, but will be inefficient when competing for space against technical upgrades and longer term funding initiatives. We believe we could better organize our Community Governance process to both increase decentralization and allow for multiple smaller projects to be funded simultaneously.

Given that each Governance Generation only accepts a singular proposal each cycle, it seems clear that the development of a sub-governance structure, operated and overseen by the community, could be a more effective, productive and decentralized approach to project fund distribution and tracking.

A best case scenario removes the need for the Association to actively support each new proposal, would cut down the costs associated with submitting community based projects for funding and would further enable self directed growth of the Ecosystem by its stakeholders.

We will begin soliciting feedback from the community more broadly in the coming weeks and seek to propose a solution in the near future. As always if anyone has thoughts on this please share below or let us know in Discord.


This proposal has been passed successfully by the Eco Community and was implemented by the Eco Protocol in Generation 1010. This post is being closed for comments as it is no longer an active topic.