Display error!!!!!!!!

The actual error in my Beam account only shows 949703, and my blockchain has 1,009,785.77


Hey ecokk thanks for reaching out, this is a known issue.
After a Monetary Policy cycle that implements a rebase your ECO balance will change based on the rebase % enacted by the Trustees (To learn more about Eco Monetary Policy see here.

Your balance change will be reflected in your Beam wallet immediately but will only reflect on etherscan (which is what I’m assuming your referencing.) after a transaction has been made. It’s a quirk of Etherscan that we have just been made aware of recently and is a result of ECO being a rebasing token. If you send me your Beam wallet address I can send you a few ECO to trigger a transaction and I think that should resolve the discrepancy. :slight_smile:

Also, this forum isn’t actually the best place for these kinds of questions. https://discord.eco.org/ is the best place to ask questions / get needed support. I’ll leave this here for a day or so for you and others to read then remove the post.
If you need any further help feel free to ping me on Discord or send me an email at dave@eco.org
Have a great day!