EGP #009 sync inflation multipliers on generation increment

This change seeks to ensure that the L2 inflation multiplier always reflects the multiplier as it has been set on mainnet. It adds to the notifier a call to the rebase method on the L1bridge contract that transmits data to the Optimism section of the ECOsystem. This method fetches the current multiplier and propagates it to the L2, and it will be called by the notifier every time the generation is incremented, in the same way that the sync method on the Uniswap USDC/ECO pool is called every generation. Costs for this call are paid by the supervisor, since it happens in the same transaction as the generation increment.

The contract will be deployed and submitted tomorrow.


Fully supporting this proposal, developing tools to expand on Optimism is crucial.

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contract deployed: 0xd470855b53D0682CfB654946d811D48E8653EF70

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I like it. Support .