[EGP] Patch TrustedNodes contract

This change patches some issues with the TrustedNodes contract around trustee reward withdrawals. It enforces the reward vesting schedule and enables removed trustees to still be able to withdraw the rewards they are entitled to. Additionally, it manually corrects unallocatedRewardsCount, whose value is currently incorrect due to an error during initialization. For transparency the calculation for the new value for unallocatedRewardsCount will be present in the proposal and will be done on-chain.

This contract will be deployed and submitted during the upcoming generation.

edit: here is the proposal corresponding to this post: UpgradeTrustedNodes | Address 0xe8a369efbcc35f48605c7bd0264737a547ed35da | Etherscan

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Any EGP that fixes known problems in the code and contracts should be implemented ASAP. Full support.