[EGP] Rectify TrustedNodes votingRecord numbers

This proposal will set straight the votingRecord, lastYearVotingRecord, and fullyVestedRewards numbers for all trustees active as of the calling of the annualUpdate method. This will enable trustees to correctly redeem rewards on the schedule set for them in accordance to their participation in voting. Additionally, the proposal will set the yearEnd parameter in trustedNodes, ensuring that it will be called at the correct time next year.

Some non-technical context around this: trustees are to be paid out on a schedule according to their voting participation, and there is a method called once a year (annualUpdate) that enables this record keeping. That method suffered a one-off malfunction that resulted in the records being improperly ported, and this proposal patches that, ensuring the voting records are as they should be.

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I will always support any proposal with technical fixes, patches and protocol optimizations to make ECO better.

This proposal will also be returning some ECOx from the treasury to the trustednodes contract. These funds were sent to the treasury erroneously by the annualUpdate method. They will be used to pay out trustees in accordance with the prescribed schedule, and any remainder funds will be sent back to the treasury.