[Grant Proposal] Thesandbox LAND and Eco Community Experiences

The proposal is for the grant of 265.957 ECO ($4,000) (rate: $0.01504 20th June 2023) for buying 2x1 LAND and develop 2nd eco metaverse experiences (2 LAND sizes) in Thesandbox. Grants will be requested to Builders Ecollective.


Based on the first eco metaverse experiences “Eco Community Playground”, we need LAND to publish the game experiences. Thesandbox will release the features of publishing game experiences to LAND in late Q3 2023 (based on their roadmap) LAND Owner Roadmap Update Q1 2023 | by The Sandbox | The Sandbox | Medium. Publishing game experiences to LAND is an important part of the eco metaverse project.

The 2nd eco metaverse experiences [Single Player] will focus on :

  • Introducing people about eco.org.
  • Onboarding people to join our eco community.
  • Educate and collaborate with ecosystem in eco.org.

Mission and Goals :

The Mission :

  • Develop new eco metaverse experiences.
  • Publish the eco metaverse experiences on thesandbox LAND.
  • Creating the custom sandbox assets based on eco culture.

Goals :

  • Introduce Eco.org in thesandbox ecosystem.
  • Invite and onboarding new people to join eco community.
  • Growth of the Eco community in the metaverse.

Use of Fund Details
The Funds will be used for :

Estimate Total worked hours in Development = 150+ hours.
Estimate Total worked hours in Improvement = 100+ hours

Roadmap 2023

Name Stage Start date End Date
Eco Community Experiences V1 Planning 2023-06-05 2023-06-19
Eco Community Experiences V2 Development 2023-06-19 2023-08-14
Eco Community Experiences 1.0 Release 2023-08-14
Eco Community Experiences 2.0 Improvement 2023-08-14 2023-10-09

Eco Community Experiences Specifications :
Game Genre = Adventure, Casual, and Singleplayer.
Thesandbox LAND Size = 2 LAND.
Sandbox Assets :

  • Custom Eco Assets = 150+
  • TSB default Assets = 25+

Success Metrics

The success of this proposal based on users involved metrics :

  1. Users participation
  2. New people joined eco community.
  3. User involved in game development.

*The metric can be measured after we publish the experiences on thesandbox LAND.


Current team for develop Eco Community Experience :

Name Discord Role
Robin Binn#4896 Full Stack Game Developer

Portfolio / Experience :

Eco Custom Assets Example :


Land and marketing are always a priority. I supports

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