Layer 3 Ecollective informal report on progress (21st December)

Hi, community!
It’s been about a month since we got funding in our wallet - Safe{Wallet} – Assets
As you can see, nothing has been spent yet.

Since then, we have successfully voted to make the signers reorg - 4/8
And created a Layer 3 Optimism Safe - Safe{Wallet} – Dashboard

And now we’re discussing how to move some of the funds to the OP Safe. At the same time, it may be possible to implement one of the proposals to exchange some of the funds of people with small Eco balances (0-5K Eco) on Optimism, who would like to sell them but can’t due to high gas fees for bridging to ETH and swapping.

Within Culture & Vibes, we have several proposals in the discussion phase:

  • Event-in-a-box Proposal.
    one of the Layer3 participants (ihar) put forward a proposal to organize a series of small-scale events on an ongoing basis in different cities and countries. He is actively involved in networking people who can implement such activities in the local level. One meeting was held with a candidate from New York, US. And negotiations with a candidate from Nigeria.

  • Litany against doubt bot rewards.
    This activity is really old (since 2021), created and supported by the team, it’s like some tradition and culture of Eco, it is available for Layer2+ participants on Discord and one of the Layer3 members (Irina) is actively involved in keeping this activity running, making sure that adequate incentives are in place and that new individuals are involved in this activity. If approved by Layer3, up to 75.000 $ECO may be allocated to fund this activity until the end of February 2024.

  • Super small scale bounty-activity for the New Year - Beam New Year’s Eve

  • Meme contest on the social network Twitter #justwalletbeam by Igrex, Docdim and sadheadcrab.
    This initiative is designed to leverage the power of Twitter and the creativity of content creators to highlight the unique features of Beam Wallet and engage a wide audience in a fun, creative and informative way that will ultimately lead to greater acceptance and loyalty to Beam Wallet. If approved by Layer3, up to 30.000 $ECO may be allocated to fund this activity.

About Binn’s Eco Community Experiences in Thesandbox Metaverse:
Binn has postponed planned events for now in order to rework his proposal to refocus on engaging other communities. He wants to change the target audience to other web3 communities. He is preparing collaboration proposals.

About ihar’s Be Influential program progress:
ihar directly networked and invited >30 participants to this program. These are guys from Vietnam (1), China (4), Singapore (1), Taiwan (1), Indonesia (1), USA (2), Turkey (2), Nigeria (5), Ukraine (7) and other countries (Unknown).

At this point, a month later, there are 10 people in the program participating from those who were invited and another 4 from those who joined on their own.

From these 10 we have participants from Turkey (1), Nigeria and US (4), Ukraine (4) and other countries (Unknown). 8 participants are totally new to our community, and 2 were we us before.

By December 18th, these 10 participants posted 42 tweets and generated 74K views, that is 1760 views per tweet, and this can be characterized as a very good result. Most of the tweets can be found with the tags @beam_eco and @eco on Twitter.

This program will help to sift out those who do high-quality and on the topic - and continue to work with them later in a different format.