Monetary Policy Discussion: Generation 1029 (November 24th - December 8th 2023)

This topic has been created for the Eco Trustees to discuss the monetary policy that will be enacted on Friday December 8th 2023. As always, the policy will be in effect for two weeks ā€” this is for Generation 1029, which runs from November 24th - December 8th 2023.

Trustees are encouraged to post via replies under this topic to:

  • Discuss what policy they have proposed and/or are voting for, and why
  • Engage in public dialogue/debate with other Trustees

Community discussion will occur in the #trustee-community channel on Discord .


This cycle, I will continue to support the policy with the highest interest rate to keep our experiment going. We are still testing signaling efficiency and collecting data on the behavior of current holders, as well as potential new participants who might be attracted to the ecosystem by the high yield.

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Iā€™m also continuing to support the high interest rate experimentation ongoing in recent cycles ā€” I have ranked the APRs from highest to lowest in my vote this cycle, agnostic of rebasing.