K3pdi (k3100690pdi)

ETH Address: 0x33A3FFd50C5805eF071380bDEbe76aEa8DFE248C
ECO ID: 840163017995452417

Short Introduction:

Good morning.
I became a part of EСO community almost from the very beginning of Discord server. I liked the idea of ECO and its plans. I organized or helped to organize various contests/activities (I think in total there were about 100 of them), updated and maintained the eco-faq website, which many of you used, helped to create a ECO newspaper. So I’m confident that I understand the values that need to be maintained and where to go. I understand that governance plays an important role in providing a decentralized community, and I would be happy to represent your votes in the governance and voting of DAO.

Relevant Experience / Why do you want to be a Delegate:

My interest in participating in the EСO is that I would like to contribute to the community and the EСO so that we get more concrete applications, products that will change the overall view of finance. I am an EСO token holder myself and am interested in the success of the project.

The EСO is at an early stage, we’ve just come a long way and done a launch and many participants have left the EСO for whatever reason. Imagine the situation: you build your dream car - design it, implement the project, get the paperwork, start the car and just leave it parked in the garage. Is this the result you planned to achieve?

I believe in the ECO. To that end, I am willing and happy to represent your interests in the voting and development of the ECO.

My skills and areas of expertise are:

  • Governance (I am a trusted member of the Sarcophagus DAO);
  • Analytical skills. I have over 10 years of experience in auditing financial companies and banks. I carry out qualitative analysis of information before making a decision.
  • High skills in organizing, controlling and conducting various activities.
  • I am an ambassador of some crypto projects.
  • Acquired additional skills in performing all types of DAO activities in the ECO.

Don’t forget “We will win together” *A.B.