RFP-3: Beam Dashboard

This thread is for questions on RFP-3: Beam Dashboard

The RFP can be found here.

Please reply with any questions below, so others in the community can benefit from seeing the dialogue — we are looking forward to your submissions!


where to check if there are any submissions already?

What’s going on here

Applicants can submit their proposal via Twitter and posting the link to the tweet it in the Telegram group. There was no submission through these channels yet but the grants program just launched two days ago.

Tweet out your submission, tagging @eco, and DM the Tweet to @ecogrants on Telegram to make sure it is included in the evaluation.

Are you interested in applying?

Hehe, thanks for joining the conversation.

This thread was created so that builders can ask questions about the RFP and get in touch with the team.

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Create a bot in Eco Discord that will monitor prices USDC , as well as track the gas situation on the Optimism network :blush:

Are you interested in applying?

dunno yet, I am not skilled in this enough

Can the Beam Names (BNS) contract be submitted to verify? 0x356f094d808c3f770dea537674671cfd09989612

Or where can we find the ABI for it?


Looks like we a have legend here :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest Springzh!

Here are the docs on ABI transactions: ABI Transaction - Eco Protocol

Please feel free to tag @ srao here if you need more detailed technical help.

I propose to introduce a comprehensive referral and loyalty program tailored to the features of Beam Wallet. The referral program will allow existing users to refer newbies by offering enticing incentives such as using Beam Wallet features, including swaps and other cryptocurrency features. At the same time, the loyalty program aims to recognize and value active users by giving them access to advanced features, seamless exchanges, and other specialized cryptocurrency-related services in the Beam Wallet ecosystem. These carefully crafted programs have the potential to attract new members, drive user retention, and create an engaged and vibrant community around the Beam Wallet :blush:

Hi, I created one


It shows data in sections:

  1. Top - cumulative data on $ECO across networks (values are summed) like total supply across networks, Beam wallets, small info.

  2. Ethereum individual data
    2.1) Counter | Current $ECO holders
    2.2) Counter | Changes of $ECO holders compared to a previous day (can be pos, negative balance if wallet transferred out all funds)
    2.3) Chart | ECO holders over time - unique wallets summed up + daily change, 3months
    2.4) Chart | Eth volume + tx count over time

  3. Optimism individual data
    3.1) Counter | Current $ECO holders
    3.2) Counter | Changes of $ECO holders compared to a previous day (can be pos, negative balance if wallet transferred out all funds)
    3.3) Chart | ECO holders over time - unique wallets summed up + daily change

  4. Beam users data
    4.1) Chart | Beam wallets created
    4.2) Chart | Beam names created
    4.3) Chart | Beam Wallets $ECO Transactions (volume+tx count)
    4.4) Chart | Beam Wallets USDC Transactions (volume+tx count)

More charts coming:

  1. on volumes between L1&L2
  2. on names once ABI updated, already requested.

Already submitted via Twitter(X?) and Telegram.

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This sounds like an interesting idea. Feel free to post it in Protocol Discussions and Ideas to get feedback on your idea.

This thread here is for discussions on RFP3 (Beam Dashboard).

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Impressive, thank you very much for the super-fast dashboard. As Rob wrote to you on Telegram, we have forwarded your application to the Eco Association.

Fingers crossed for your application :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Hi, can you clarify on this point from the request?

List of all Beam Names registered (scrollable list). Will need to iterate on tokenid to get each name.

Example for tokenid is this wallet 0xc9aa69df17992c082cf742413ace9111479e772b

Dave is the 4th user who created a Beam ID so the tokenid = 4.

And here’s the link to BNS Beam Names (BNS) Token Tracker | Optimism

Does this help? Happy to ping the team if you have further questions…

Yes this is helpful but I think what I’m looking for is the connection to the BNS names themselves :slight_smile: I’ve been having some difficulty finding them in the logs and tx data provided on Optimism tracker, so I was hoping the team could provide some direction

Hey Builders, the submission deadline for RFP-3 has officially closed!

We are super impressed with the awesome dashboards that we have received and we really appreciate your effort and creativity in creating your RFP submissions. A huge thank you from the entire Eco Association team to all participants who submitted their proposals for RFP-3 :heart:

The Eco Association grants team will now start with reviewing the applications and we’re going to take a close look at each proposal to fairly evaluate the dashboard’s quality based on several different metrics, such as creativity, clarity/comprehensibility, and extra efforts. We are planning to complete the review by Monday next week.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the next steps!

Ok, got you. I’m tagging @srao here for help!